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22 Mar 2012
I was a defendant in this case along with NDS..... this is a final ruling on costs associated with the case

Court awards NDS $19M from EchoStar

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 20-03-2012

In what is a pleasant way to tie up loose ends before it becomes part of Cisco, NDS has been awarded $19 million in damages by the US Supreme Court relating to accusations of piracy by EchoStar and Kudelski.
In 2003, EchoStar filed a US$2 billion claim against NDS alleging that in the previous decade NDS was responsible for the compromise of EchoStar’s satellite television programming platform through the posting of code on the DR7 website. NDS strenuously denied the allegations made against it, and in a legal ruling August 2010, the Ninth Circuit stated “EchoStar did not succeed 'on any significant issue' or 'achieve any of the benefit it sought in bringing suit' under the Communications Act.”
The Ninth Circuit awarded NDS US$18 million and concluded that “There is no question that NDS successfully defended against all of EchoStar’s claims based on or related to its theory that NDS was responsible for the compromise of EchoStar’s satellite television programming security system.” In January 2012, the Supreme Court of the United States of America denied a petition to hear a challenge by EchoStar.
In all NDS has received a full payment of US$18,935,399.49 for damages in recognition that NDS were found sole prevailing party and vindicated of all allegations of piracy.
Commented Dr. Abe Peled, Executive Chairman, NDS Group: “This brings an end to this long drawn-out process in which we vehemently denied all allegations of piracy which were made against us over a decade ago. Piracy is an issue throughout the industry and injurious to all in the value chain; it is only with the active anti-piracy efforts of companies such as ourselves that the pay-TV industry is able to evolve and continue to enable people to enjoy premium TV viewing.”
13 Jan 2011
This is from the city i live in.. and GB used to live in

In the war on marijuana grow-ops, municipalities across the Lower Mainland are slapping homeowners �" including those with no link to illegal drugs �" with a hefty bill for an inspection of their property, saying the fees cover the costs involved.

But those cost-recovery fees vary by thousands of dollars. In Mission, the bill for an inspection is $5,200, but Surrey assesses a fee of $3,200
Mission resident Stacy Gowanlock, who was given a bill for $5,200 after his property was inspected, said Tuesday he believes Mission charges more because the municipality is strapped for funds. He has been unable to find out how Mission arrives at its fee.

Mr. Gowanlock said he paid $350 for a six-hour home inspection when he bought the house. €œThey were here for 15 minutes and it was $5,200,€ he said.

Ten municipalities in the Lower Mainland have safety inspection programs that send inspectors armed with B.C. Hydro statistics on abnormal energy consumption into homes. In addition to Surrey and Mission, Richmond, Coquitlam, Langley, Langley City, Abbotsford, Pitt Meadows, Chilliwack and Port Coquitlam use the inspection process.

The safety inspections came about as a result of concerns over grow-ops that pose electrical hazards from faulty wiring and the overloading of residential electrical circuits.

Critics say the safety inspections are a substitute for police raids of suspected grow-ops. Police cannot enter a home without reasonable grounds for believing that they will find illegal activity. However, safety inspectors can just go in and look around. If they find a grow-op, they call police, who are usually waiting at the curb.

B.C. Hydro said 15,213 residential accounts last year had unusually high power consumption, a figure that includes farms, multifamily dwellings and home-based businesses, as well as single-family homes. About one-third of the high-consumption accounts are in the Lower Mainland.

The 10 municipalities conducted 3,528 inspections between 2005 and 2009. Safety violations associated with grow-ops were found in 2,311 homes, Surrey Fire Chief Len Garis said in an interview.

However, many of the homeowners who were inadvertently caught in a crackdown on marijuana grow-ops say they were doing nothing more than using power to run their hot tubs, baseboard heaters or air-conditioning units.

Mr. Gowanlock has a 4,500-square-foot home with six children, landscape lighting, a hot tub, a pool and a 1,200-square-foot shop that is used as a pool house and to store a boat. He has been fighting city hall for more than a year over the inspection fee. In recent months, he has heard from more than 100 homeowners in Mission who were also inspected and assessed a fee, although they were not charged with doing anything illegal.

Mr. Gowanlock said he is now speaking to lawyers about launching a class-action lawsuit, challenging the right of a municipality to inspect his home as if it were a crime scene and to impose a fee. He felt he was being fined for something he did not do.

€œThey [the safety inspectors] are violating the rights of many people,€ Mr. Gowanlock said Tuesday in an interview. €œThe city should not be fighting crime. They should be allowing the RCMP to conduct their own investigation. [The RCMP] are trained professionals, whether it involves drugs or firearms. [The inspectors] are untrained.€

Micheal Vonn, policy director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, said the inspections appear to be €œan end-run around the need for a criminal warrant,€ with police often waiting outside while safety inspectors go into the homes. €œIt€™s not about safety,€ she said.

Ms. Vonn said she believes the inspectors need an administrative warrant before entering a home. They have to show the evidence to somebody, to go through a process of review for the city to assess it, she said. "This is what we think is required."

Municipalities say the fee is imposed only when evidence of a controlled substance is found on the property, Ms. Vonn noted. But when inspectors fail to find marijuana plants, they have pointed to mud from potted plants, mould and hooks on the wall as evidence of a grow-op and the grounds for assessing the fee, she said.

The association has also received a complaint about a fee based on an empty room that inspectors found to be suspicious. The room was empty in order to be painted for a new baby, Ms. Vonn said.

Mission Fire Chief Ian Fitzpatrick said the inspection fee is assessed €œif there are enough observations made and the team believes that the property is in violation of the Controlled Substance Property bylaw.€

The indication of a violation could include alterations to the structure of the house, vent holes, new drywall, mould, alterations to the gas lines, remnants of plants, and soils or fertilizers.

Chief Fitzpatrick also said no fees are levied if a legitimate reason can be identified for higher-than-normal electricity usage. The fees are meant to be brought only against those who are violating the regulations, he said.

Surrey has collected $5.3-million in fees from the inspections. Chief Garis said the inspections are conducted at no charge if inspectors do not find any problems with electrical safety or alterations to the building that have been made without a permit. €œIf there is something found that is wrong that is associated with a controlled substance, then the full effects of the inspection will be charged,€ he said. €œIt€™s not a fine, it€™s a cost-recovery fee,€ he said.

Mission has collected almost $1-million in fees since introducing the safety inspections in September of 2008.

Click here for full story
16 Mar 2009
Ok here is the changes you need to do

first you upload all the required files

then you chose the upgrade feature on the installer (DO NOT CHOSE FULL INSTALL)

rebuild the skins on the installer, and Reinstall battle_components.xml on the installer as well

the first edit that needs to be corrected is the index.php edit

Open Index.php

Find this code and remove it

//ibProBattle Start
   if (!is_array($ipsclass->cache['attack_settings']))
           $ipsclass->DB->query("SELECT * FROM ".$INFO['sql_tbl_prefix']."attack_settings");
           $ipsclass->cache['attack_settings'] = $ipsclass->DB->fetch_row();
           $ipsclass->update_cache( array( 'name' => 'attack_settings', 'array' => 1, 'deletefirst' => 1 ) );
   //ibProBattle End

search for this code
   //  Initialize the FUNC

Below it add this code
//ibProBattle Start
   if (!is_array($ipsclass->cache['attack_settings']))
           $ipsclass->DB->query("SELECT * FROM ".$INFO['sql_tbl_prefix']."attack_settings");
           $ipsclass->cache['attack_settings'] = $ipsclass->DB->fetch_row();
           $ipsclass->update_cache( array( 'name' => 'attack_settings', 'array' => 1, 'deletefirst' => 1 ) );
   //ibProBattle End

Save index.php and reupload it to your server

Now we need to open sources/action_admin/groups.php

replace this code
//ibProBattle Start
                                'g_battlemod_attacks'    => $this->ipsclass->input['g_battlemod_attacks'],
                                'g_charging'             => $this->ipsclass->input['g_charging'],
                                                            'g_recover_cost'         => $this->ipsclass->input['g_recover_cost'],
                                //ibProBattle End

with this code

//ibProBattle Start
                                'g_battlemod_attacks'    => $this->ipsclass->input['g_battlemod_attacks'],
                                //ibProBattle End

search for this code
$this->ipsclass->html .= $this->ipsclass->adskin->add_td_row( array( "<b>Hide this group from the member list?</b>" ,
                                                     $this->ipsclass->adskin->form_yes_no("g_hide_from_list", $group['g_hide_from_list'] )
                                            )      );
               $this->ipsclass->html .= $this->ipsclass->adskin->end_table();
           $this->ipsclass->adskin->td_header[] = array( " "  , "40%" );
           $this->ipsclass->adskin->td_header[] = array( " "  , "60%" );
           $this->ipsclass->html .= $this->ipsclass->adskin->start_table( "ibProBattle Permission", "Manage Settings for ibProBattle" );
           //ibProBattle Start
           $this->ipsclass->html .= $this->ipsclass->adskin->add_td_row( array( "<b>Battlemod Attacks</b><br />This sets the numbers of attacks a group has. Warning, setting this number high will allow people to advance at a very high rate!" ,
                                                     $this->ipsclass->adskin->form_input("g_battlemod_attacks", $group['g_battlemod_attacks'] )
                                                      )       );
               //Charge this Group?
           $this->ipsclass->html .= $this->ipsclass->adskin->add_td_row(array('<strong>Are we Charging this Group?</strong><br /><span style="color: gray;">Yes or No</span>' ,
                   $this->ipsclass->adskin->form_yes_no("g_charging", $group['g_charging'] )
                                            )      );
               //How Much we charging
           $this->ipsclass->html .= $this->ipsclass->adskin->add_td_row( array( "<b>How much we charging for Self Revive?</b><br />This sets the numbers of money a group needs for self revive." ,
                                                     $this->ipsclass->adskin->form_input("g_recover_cost", $group['g_recover_cost'] )
                                                      )       );
           //ibProBattle End
           $this->ipsclass->html .= $this->ipsclass->adskin->end_table();

and replace with this code

//ibProBattle Start
           $this->ipsclass->html .= $this->ipsclass->adskin->add_td_row( array( "<b>Battlemod Attacks</b><br />This sets the numbers of attacks a group has. Warning, setting this numuber high will allow people to advance at a very high rate!" ,
                                                     $this->ipsclass->adskin->form_input("g_battlemod_attacks", $group['g_battlemod_attacks'] )
                                            )      );
           //ibProBattle End

Save sources/action_admin/groups.php and reupload it to your server

You should now be upgraded to Ibprobattle Enhanced 1.6.0
23 Nov 2008
For those busy sites that get alot of activity like this one.. u may want to reset your battle logs if they become to large... i just reset our here today to clean up the DB abit

To do so you must go to the acp and click the admin tab

Then scroll down the left side until you see SQL Management and click the sql toolbox option

Scroll down to the bottom on the screen and run this manual Query

TRUNCATE TABLE ibf_attack_events

This will completely empty all the battle events shown when you click show logs under the Battle Central options

It will not affect anything else.. only the viewable logs that can be enabled for members to view

The logs will then start again as soon as the next attack is made on the board
3 Oct 2008
these are all themed smiley(emoticons) packs i thought i would add for upload so members can add them to their own sites
Attached File(s)
Attached File  ArmySmilieSeries.zip ( 38.55K ) Number of downloads: 200
Attached File  AnimatedSmilies.zip ( 15.78K ) Number of downloads: 193
Attached File  BarbarianSeries.zip ( 30.02K ) Number of downloads: 169
Attached File  BishopSeries.zip ( 28.64K ) Number of downloads: 167
Attached File  BoyScoutSmilieSet.zip ( 29.57K ) Number of downloads: 182
Attached File  HighSocietySeries.zip ( 30.39K ) Number of downloads: 177
Attached File  IndianSeries.zip ( 42.81K ) Number of downloads: 186
Attached File  IrishSmilieSeries.zip ( 28.13K ) Number of downloads: 187
Attached File  KingSmilieSeries.zip ( 39.57K ) Number of downloads: 177
Attached File  MadBomberSmilies.zip ( 46.41K ) Number of downloads: 188
Attached File  NoblePeasantSmilies.zip ( 69.88K ) Number of downloads: 179
Attached File  PharaohSmilieSeries.zip ( 31.92K ) Number of downloads: 183
Attached File  PimpSeries.zip ( 27.2K ) Number of downloads: 171
Attached File  PirateSmilieSet.zip ( 32.8K ) Number of downloads: 191
Attached File  PunkSmilieSeries.zip ( 30.41K ) Number of downloads: 184
Attached File  SignSmilies.zip ( 118.86K ) Number of downloads: 195
Attached File  SleepySmilieSeries.zip ( 21.73K ) Number of downloads: 179
Attached File  SportsBarbellsSmilieSeries.zip ( 58.33K ) Number of downloads: 175
Attached File  SportsBaseballSmilieSeries.zip ( 29.41K ) Number of downloads: 180
Attached File  SportsBasketballSeriesSmilieSet.zip ( 51.91K ) Number of downloads: 179
Attached File  SportsDumbbellsSmilieSeries.zip ( 51.89K ) Number of downloads: 189
Attached File  SportsFootballSeriesSmilieSet.zip ( 46.1K ) Number of downloads: 179
Attached File  SportsHockeySeries.zip ( 36.21K ) Number of downloads: 183
Attached File  SportsSoccerSeries.zip ( 37.12K ) Number of downloads: 182
Attached File  VampireSeries.zip ( 21.21K ) Number of downloads: 180
Attached File  VikingSmilieSeries.zip ( 47.23K ) Number of downloads: 191
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